About Me

First off, my name is pronounced "deer-dray".  Most people look at my name and don't want to even try to say it.  At the doctor's office, the nurse comes out with her clipboard and stops cold, and I say, "Yeah, that's me".

I'm a teen librarian for a rural community in southeastern Indiana and am currently working toward my MLS at IUPUI.  I created this blog as part of a class requirement.

I live on 30 acres in with my sweetie-pie (also known as Grump-A**), 4 dogs (Kate, Rags, Junk, and Indy), 2 cats (Sunny and Tiberius), and a small flock of hilariously entertaining chickens.  There are periodically other critters visiting as well (once a little herd of 5 cows came and stayed for a week!).  We make our own pure maple syrup and we have 2 kids (grown and gone) that have been the absolute joy of my life.